April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Away in a Manger - Traditional

"Away in a Manger" is a traditional Christmas carol that has been sung for over a century.

D-G    G  A-B   G-G
Away in a manger

B-^C ^D ^D ^E ^C
No crib for a bed

A-B ^C-^C ^D   B-B
The little Lord Jesus

G-B     A       E       G         F#
Lay down His sweet head

D        G      G  A-B    G        G
The stars in the bright sky

B-^C    ^D      ^D    ^E   ^C
Look down where He lay

A-B ^C-^C ^D   B-B
The little Lord Jesus

G-B-A    E    F#   G
Asleep on the hay

The origins of the song are somewhat unclear, with several different versions and variations in circulation. The most popular version of the song features lyrics that describe the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem, and the peaceful and humble nature of his arrival. The melody of the song is gentle and soothing, making it a popular lullaby for children during the holiday season. The song has been recorded by countless artists over the years and remains a beloved part of Christmas traditions around the world.

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