April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Black Hills Of Dakota - Doris Day

"The Black Hills of Dakota" is a song, written for the musical film "Calamity Jane".

D       G     G       G   A    B         G
Take me back to the black hills

A       B         B    ^C   B-B-A
The black hills of Dakota

F# G    A - A - G  F#F#E  D - F#
To the beautiful Indian country

A    ^C B-^D
That I love

D      G     G         G  A     B         G
Lost my heart in the black hills

A     B         B     ^C   B-B-A
The black hills of Dakota

F#         G     A       A    G   F#
Where the pines are so high

F#     E      D     ^D   G    F#-G
That they kiss the sky above

G      A       B ^C     B     ^C  -  B        ^D - ^C
And when I get that lonesome feelin'

G      A    B       B - B   A      G
And I'm miles away from home

A A     G#  A       A   G#  A - B    ^C  - ^C#
I hear the voice of the mystic mountains

^D-^C   G#  B       A
Callin' me back home

^D  D      G    G       G   A   B        G
So take me back to the black hills

A     B        B      ^C  B-B-A
The black hills of Dakota

F# G    A - A - G F#F#E D - ^D
To the beautiful Indian country

G      F# G
That I love

It is about the singer's love for, and desire to return to, the Black Hills of South Dakota. The music was written by Sammy Fain, and the lyrics by Paul Francis Webster, in 1953. The most notable recording of the song was done by Doris Day, issued both on the soundtrack album of the film, and as a single which was released in June 1954. Doris Day's recording reached No. 7 on the UK chart.

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