April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Born Free - Matt Monro

"Born Free" is a song performed by the English singer Matt Monro, composed by John Barry with lyrics written by Don Black.

^C        G
Born free

G      A    G     F       E         C
As free as the wind blows

G      A    G     F       B         G
As free as the grass grows

E           F      F      F-E       D        C
Born free to follow your heart!

C          G      G      A - G         F - E          C
Live free and beauty surrounds you

G           A        G        F - E         C
The world still astounds you

E            G       G     G    A   G    B
Each time you look at a star...

^D        A        A       B       A        G-E      C
Stay free where no walls divide you

C           ^D    A   ^C   ^D-C    ^D
You're free as the roaring tide

^C    ^D    ^C   ^D   ^D  ^D
So there's no need to hide!

C           G     G     A   G      F        E-.C
Born free and life is worth living

G      A-G      F          B-G
But only worth living

E               ^C        ^C      ^C
'Cause you're born free!

The song was used as the theme song for the 1966 film of the same name, which tells the story of Elsa, a lioness raised by humans in Kenya, and her eventual return to the wild. Monro's version of the song is characterized by his smooth vocals and the lush orchestration, which includes strings and brass instruments. "Born Free" became a major hit for Monro, reaching the top of the UK singles chart, and was later covered by many other artists. The song has since become a classic and an enduring symbol of wildlife conservation.

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