April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Cloudbusting - Kate Bush

"Cloudbusting" is a song by English singer-songwriter Kate Bush, released in 1985 as the second single from her album "Hounds of Love".

B   ^D     G      E    A-A-E
I still dream of Orgonon

E    G    G   G-F#-D
I wake up crying

D            B - ^D      G      E        D         A    A     E
You're making rain and you're just in reach

E              G      E       G     E-G-F#   D
When you and sleep escape me....

E             G    F#   D-ED    A          B       E     D     D
You're like my yo-yo that glowed in the dark

G              G    F#   D-ED     A      B      E-D-D
What made it special made it dangerous

G  F# D-E  D    E   D-G
So I bury it, and forget....

E       A-A       A     A    G
But every time it rains

E              A       A    A    G
You're here in my head

E        E      A        A-A       G
Like the sun coming out

A       A   B     ^C        B         B  -  A          A      G    G - E     G - A
Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen

E    G       G       E-D
I don't know when

A        B     ^C-B   B     A      A-G      G     E    G - A
But just saying it could even make it happen

B    ^D  ^D  ^D    G
On top of the world

E  -  D      A-A    A     E
Looking over the edge

G         E         G       E      G-F-#D
You could see them coming

D         B          ^D      G
You looked too small

E     D      A      A        E
In their big, black car

D   G  F#    G     G    F#   G    F#    D
To be a threat to the men in power

The song is known for its soaring vocals, intricate production, and memorable melody. "Cloudbusting" was inspired by the book "A Book of Dreams" by Peter Reich, the son of the controversial psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. The song tells the story of a boy and his father who build a machine called the cloudbuster, which is used to control the weather. The lyrics of the song are both playful and poignant, exploring themes of childhood innocence, imagination, and the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. "Cloudbusting" remains one of Kate Bush's most beloved and iconic songs, and a testament to her unique and innovative approach to music.

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