April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" is a charity single by the supergroup Band Aid, formed by various British and Irish musicians in 1984.

C         C  -  A        A
It's Christmas time

A              G     G     F    G    G-GA
There's no need to be afraid

C        C  -  A        A
At Christmas time

A      A    G    G
We let in light

F         F     G-G      G-A
And we banish shade

G       A   ^C    ^D    ^C   ^E-^D-^C
And in our world of plenty  ~

A       G     ^C     ^C   ^D   ^C   A-G-F
We can spread a smile of joy  ~

A            ^C      ^D     ^C-^C     ^D     ^E
Throw your arms around the world

G      ^E-^E      ^D-^C
At Christmas time

^E   ^D  ^C    ^C
But say a prayer

^D    ^D   ^C  ^D-^E   ^E-^D-^C
Pray for the other ones  ~

^C    ^C - ^D       ^C
At Christmas time,

^C     ^C     ^D   ^D      ^C      ^D-^E    ^E
It's hard, but when you're having fun

^E       ^D    ^C     ^C - ^C    ^D      B-A-G
There's a world outside your window

^C     ^C  ^C   ^C    ^D     ^C       G     A
And it's a world of dread and fear

^C         ^C   ^C-^C   ^C-^D     B-A
Where the only water flowing

G     G   ^C-^D     ^C    G     A
Is the bitter sting of tears

^C      ^C      ^C  -   ^C      ^C
And the Christmas bells

^C        B       A-G
That ring there

^C     ^C     ^C-^D       ^C        G      A
Are the clanging chimes of doom

^F       ^F-^F      ^F     ^F    ^F   ^D
Well, tonight, thank God it's them

^E-^F   ^E   ^E
Instead of you

A           B      ^C     ^C    ^C    ^C   B-A-G
And there won't be snow in Africa

A            A - G          G
This Christmas time

G       ^C - ^C      ^C
The greatest gift

^D           B      A     G     A    G
They'll get this year is life


^C            ^C - ^C     ^C-^D     B
Where nothing ever grows

^C    ^C  ^D   ^C-G     A
No rain or rivers flow

^F   ^E       ^C      G
Do they know it's

^F - ^E          ^C   ^D  C
Christmas time at all?

^E       ^E   ^E
Here's to you

^D    ^C   ^D   ^E    ^D-^C-B
Raise a glass for everyone

^E       ^E    ^E
Here's to them

^D - ^C - ^D    ^E    ^D-^C     B
Underneath that burning sun

^F   ^E       ^C      G
Do they know it's

^F - ^E          ^C    ^D   ^C
Christmas time at all?

^G       ^C    ^F-^E-^C
Feed the world  ~

^A    ^G     ^F    ^E      ^F-^E     ^D
Let them know it's Christmas time

^C     ^G     ^C    ^F-^E-^C
And feed the world  ~

^A    ^G      ^F     ^E     ^F-^E      ^D
Let them know it's Christmas time...

The song was written to raise money for famine relief efforts in Ethiopia and features a powerful message about the importance of helping those in need, particularly during the holiday season. "Do They Know It's Christmas?" became an instant hit, topping the charts in multiple countries and inspiring various charity efforts around the world. The song has been covered and reinterpreted by various artists, cementing its status as a timeless classic and a powerful symbol of the importance of charity and compassion.

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