April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Face of Melinda - Opeth

"Face of Melinda" is a hauntingly beautiful progressive metal song by the Swedish band Opeth. Released in 1999 as part of their album "Still Life", the song is a complex and emotional journey through melancholy melodies and heavy guitar riffs.

E      G     A  -   B      ^C - B    G    G-G     E
By the turnstile beckons a damsel fair

E      ^C  ^C  ^C-^C-B    A           A  -  B       A-B
The face of Melinda neath blackened hair

A     A        B       ^C-B    G     A     E
No joy would flicker in her eyes

E   ^C - ^C    ^C  -  B      A      A   B   A-B
A brooding sadness came to a rise....

^E            B-A     G - E   G    A - F#
Words would falter to atone

E  -  E       E          E          E       E  -  F#      F#
Failure had passed the stepping stone

E            ^E      B-A     G     G    A-G-F#
She'd sworn her vows to another

G       G      G     G - F#     E     E-EF#
This is when no-one will bother

E        G - A - B     ^C    G       G - A         E
And conceded pain in crumbling mirth

E  ^C-^C  ^C ^C   B- A    B   A-B
A harlot of God upon the earth

A                 A         B     ^C-B -G      A       E
Found where she sacrificed her ways

^C   ^C-^C  ^C-B   A   B   A-B
That hollow love in her face

^E   B-A   G      E     G      A      F#
Still I plotted to have her back

E   -   E   -   E         E          E        E     F#    F#
Contentment that would fill the crack

E      ^E      B-A-G    G      A  -  G     F#
My soul released a fluttering sigh

G        G     G          G - F#     E - F#-F
This day fell, darkness nigh   ~

A    A     A   B   ^C  ^D#  ^D  ^C
I took her by the hand to say

^C  ^C  ^C-^C-^C   B    A         ^C       B - AB
All faith forever has been washed away

A    A  -  A     A    B    ^C   ^D#  ^D-^C
I returned for you in great dismay

^C        ^C    ^C   B   A-^C   B-A-B   ~  A
Come with me, far away to     ~     stay

A - A -A     A - A    B   ^C-^D#-^D ^C
Endlessly gazing in nocturnal prime

B       ^C    ^C  ^C    ^C    ^C       B       A     ^C-B-A-B
She spoke of her vices and broke the rhyme   ~

A  -  A     A  -  A     B    ^C  ^D#-^D  ^C
Baffled herself with the final line

B     ^C -^C   ^C  ^C      B     A   ^C   BAB     A
My promise is made but my heart is thine....

The lyrics tell a story of love and loss, as the narrator mourns the death of his beloved Melinda. With its dynamic shifts in tempo and tone, "Face of Melinda" showcases Opeth's unique blend of heavy metal and progressive rock, making it a standout track in their discography.

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