April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Fairytale of New York - The Pogues

"Fairytale of New York" is a beloved Christmas song by the Irish folk-punk band The Pogues, featuring the late Kirsty MacColl.

D    D       G - F#       A      G
It was Christmas Eve babe

^G ^F#  ^F#  ^E
In the drunk tank

^E  ^F# ^G   ^D   B   B
An old man said to me

G          ^C     B-B-A     A
Won't see another one

D         G     F#    A    G    G
And then he sang a song

^G    ^G   ^F#  ^F#-^E    ^E
The rare old mountain tune

^E  ^F# ^G   ^D    B-B
I turned my face away

G           ^C            B - A      G
And dreamed about you

D      G  F# A-G    G
Got on a lucky one

^G     ^G  ^F#-^F# ^E ^E
Came in eighteen to one

^E  ^F# ^G ^D-B
I've got a feeling

G         ^C       B     B      A     A
This year's for me and you

D    G-F#      A - G
So happy Christmas

^G ^G ^F# ^F#-^E
I love you baby

^E ^E ^F# ^G ^D-B B
I can see a better time

G          ^C     B        A         G        G
When all our dreams come true...

G              G        G     A    B    A
They've got cars big as bars

G              A      B-A     G    E
They've got rivers of gold

G       G      G       A        B        ^D         B
But the wind goes right through you

B      B    ^D      B    G    A
It's no place for the old

^D       ^D    ^D      B       G      A
When you first took my hand

G    A   B         A - G         E
On a cold Christmas Eve

G         G - A        B
You promised me

^D - B           G      A - B      A    G
Broadway was waiting for me

^D    ^D      ^D - ^E
You were handsome

^D    ^D     B-G
You were pretty

^D        ^D    B      G     A-G
Queen of New York City

G           A       B       A - G       E - C
When the band finished playing

E             D          E     F#     G
They howled out for more

B-^D-^E  ^D    B - G
Sinatra was swinging,

^D  ^D   ^D       B         G       A - G
All the drunks they were singing

A          B       A   G    E - C
We kissed on a corner

E               D            E          F#      G
Then danced through the night

^D    ^E   ^E ^E ^E-^F#-^G-^G ^F#
The boys of the N.Y.P.D. choir

^E      ^D-B          G-F#     E
Were singing "Galway Bay"

G        A       B       G      ^C - B      A
And the bells were ringing out

G           B - A         G
For Christmas day

^D     ^D    ^D
You're a bum

^E    ^D     B
You're a punk

^D      ^D   ^D    B    G     A
You're an old sl*t on junk

G - A       B       A - G      E
Lying there almost dead

D   E    D    E    F#   G
On a drip in that bed

B       ^D-^E       ^D     B-G
You scumbag, you maggot

^D     ^D      B-G     A-G
You cheap lousy f*ggot

A - B          A - G         E      C
Happy Christmas you arse

E    D     D     E     F#    G
I pray God it's our last

^D    ^E   ^E ^E ^E-^F#-^G-^G ^F#
The boys of the N.Y.P.D. choir

^E      ^D-B          G-F#     E
Still singing "Galway Bay"

G        A       B       G      ^C - B      A
And the bells were ringing out

G           B - A        G
For Christmas day

D   A       F#      A       G - G
I could have been someone

^D   ^D   ^E    ^D-^C-^C
Well so could anyone

^C    ^D    ^E      ^D        G      G
You took my dreams from me

G        A    G     G-F#    F#
When I first found you

D   A      F#      A      G     G
I kept them with me babe

^D ^G ^F# ^F#  ^E  ^E
I put them with my own

^E     ^F# ^G  ^D  B-B
Can't make it all alone

A       B          A      ^C       B-A       G
I've built my dreams around you

^D    ^E   ^E ^E ^E-^F#-^G-^G ^F#
The boys of the N.Y.P.D. choir

^E      ^D-B          G-F#     E
Were singing "Galway Bay"

G        A       B       G     ^C - B      A
And the bells were ringing out

G           B - A        G
For Christmas day

The song tells the story of a couple whose dreams of a happy future have been crushed, and now they find themselves drunk on Christmas Eve in New York City, reminiscing about better times. Despite the bittersweet tone, the song is a perennial holiday favorite, known for its catchy melody and poignant lyrics.

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