April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Hotel California - The Eagles

"Hotel California" is a classic rock song by American rock band The Eagles. It was released in 1977 as the title track of their album "Hotel California" and became one of their most popular and enduring songs.

^E^E  ^E   ^D-^D  ^D-^E
On a dark desert highway

^E       ^E  ^D ^D ^D
Cool wind in my hair

^D-^E   ^E  ^D ^D-^D-^D-^E
Warm smell of colitas

^E-^E  ^E    ^D       ^D  ^D-^C-A
Rising up through the air   ~

^E ^E-^E ^D ^C  ^C - ^E
Up ahead in the distance

^C ^E ^E  ^E-^D-^C ^C
I saw a shimmering light

D      ^D      ^D  ^D-^D  ^D  ^C   ^D    ^C    ^E
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

E ^E  ^E  ^E  ^D  ^D  ^D-^E
I had to stop for the night.

^E          ^E    ^F    ^E  ^E   ^F-^E
There she stood in the doorway;

E   ^E     ^E   ^E-^D   ^D
I heard the mission bell

D   ^D ^D  ^D-^C  ^D ^D-^E
And I was thinking to myself

^E         ^E    ^E   ^E-^E
"This could be heaven

^E   ^E    ^D   ^D  ^D-^C-A
Or this could be Hell"

^E      ^E ^E ^D ^C ^C-^E
Then she lit up a candle

A      ^C        ^E        ^D  ^C  ^C
And she showed me the way

^D          ^D   ^D-^D   ^D   ^C  ^D-^C-^E
There were voices down the corridor,

^D   ^E    ^E   ^E     ^G#  ^E-D
I thought I heard them say

^F - ^F    ^F  ^F  ^F-^F  ^G-^F-^F-^E
Welcome to the Hotel California

^E     ^E ^E-^D-^D ^D
Such a lovely place

^E   ^E ^E-^D-^D ^D
(Such a lovely place)

^D ^D ^D-^C-^C ^C
Such a lovely face.

^F-^F  ^F  ^F   ^F  ^F  ^F-^F ^G-^F-^F-^E
Plenty of room at the Hotel California

^E-^E ^E-^D ^D ^D
Any time of year

^E-^E ^E-^D ^D ^D
(Any time of year)

^E    ^F ^F-^E ^E ^E
You can find it here

The song features a haunting guitar riff and poetic lyrics that explore themes of excess, decadence, and the dark side of the American dream. "Hotel California" is known for its cryptic and surreal lyrics that have sparked debates and interpretations among fans and critics over the years. Its iconic guitar solos and epic sound have made it a staple of classic rock radio and a beloved classic.

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