April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: How You Remind Me - Nickelback

"How You Remind Me" is a song by Canadian rock band Nickelback.

^C#-^C# B        B B A  A      B
Never made it as a wise man

F# ^C#-^C#  B   B B  B A       A      F#-F#
I  couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing

^C#     ^C# B - B  B    A A      B
Tired of living like a blind man

F#  ^C#  ^C# B      B - B       B A        A  F#-F#
I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling

E      E     ^C#  B   ^C#    B - B   A
And this is how you remind me

^C#   B  B    ^C#    B - B    A
This is how you remind me

A    A    ^D  ^C#-A  B
Of what I really am

^C#   B  B    ^C#    B - B    A
This is how you remind me

A    A     ^D ^C#-A  B
Of what I really am

A     ^D  ^C#  ^D  A A     ^E-^D
It's not like you to say sorry

^E^E ^E-^E  ^E ^E   A - B      ^E-^D
I was waiting on a different story

^D  ^C#    ^D  A - ^E-^D
This time I'm mistaken

^E  ^E -^E    ^E    ^E   A     B        ^E-^D
For handing you a heart worth breaking

^D  ^D   ^A       ^E           ^D      ^A      ^E
And I've been wrong, I've been down,

^F#^F#^F#-^F#^F# A-B ^E^D
To the bottom of every bottle

A          A     ^E-^D ^D ^C# ^C#
These five words in my head

A              A     A   ^D-^C#  ^C# ^C#B
Scream "are we having fun yet?"

^D^C# A^D^C# A^D^C# A   F#
Yeah,   yeah,    yeah,    no, no

^D^C# A^D^C# A^D^C# A   F#
Yeah,   yeah,    yeah,    no, no

Written by lead singer Chad Kroeger and composed by the band, the track was released on July 17, 2001, as the lead single from their third studio album, Silver Side Up (2001). A "Gold Mix" was made for latter editions of the single, with the heavier guitars edited out of the chorus. Considered to be Nickelback's signature song, "How You Remind Me" reached the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and was named the number-one most played song on US radio of the 2000s decade by Nielsen Soundscan, being spun over 1.2 million times on US airwaves since its release in 2001 to the end of 2009.

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