April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Imagine - John Lennon

"Imagine" is a song by English musician John Lennon, released in 1971. It is a powerful and iconic song that promotes peace, love, and unity.



(  ~ intro melody, repeat a few times :) ~  )

E - G - E      G         B      B - A
Imagine there's no heaven,

E     G-E  G    B   B-A
It's easy if you try

E      G     B - B    A    E - G    E   G-B   B-A
No hell below us, above us only sky...

A-^C-A   ^C  ^E  ^E-^D-^C-A
Imagine all the people

B - B      B    ^C-^D    ^E-^G   ^E-^D-^C
Living for today      ~       ~        ~        ~

E-G-E          G        B      B  -  A
Imagine there's no countries,

E    G-E    G    B   B-A
It isn't hard to do

E  -  G       E    G   B    B    A
Nothing to kill or die for

E       G    E-G-B    B-A
And no religion too...

A-^C-A   ^C  ^E   ^E-^D-^C-A
Imagine  all  the  people    ~

B - B      B  ^C    ^D     ^E-^G-^E-^D-^C
Living life in peace     ~       ~       ~       ~

B     ^C     B-^CBA    A   B   ^C-^C-A-G
You may say    ~     I'm a dreamer  ~

A     ^C     B    B    A-A   D-E
But I'm not the only one

A    A    ^C-B-A     A - B  ^C   ^C-A-G
I hope someday you'll join us    ~

B       ^C   ^D-^E-^D-^C
And the world   ~

^D   ^E   ^C   ^C
Will be as one!

The lyrics encourage listeners to imagine a world without war, borders, or religion, and to come together as one human race. The song has become a cultural touchstone and a symbol of hope for people all over the world.

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