April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Journey to the Past - Anastasia / Liz Callaway

"Journey to the Past" is a song from the 1997 animated musical film "Anastasia." The song is performed by the character Anastasia, voiced by Liz Callaway in the film, and it was written by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty.

G               F#     G    A     G
Heart, don't fail me now!

G  -  F#         G       A - B     A
Courage, don't desert me!

B              A       B      ^C       B      ^C      ^D
Don't turn back now that we're here!

G - F#     G - A    G
People always say

G     F#  G   A    B - A
Life is full of choices

B - A      B-^C      B-^C    ^D
No-one ever mentions fear!

^D  ^D   ^C    ^D      ^E   ^D    ^C  ^D
Or how the world can seem so vast

^D ^C ^D-^E     G    A   ^D
On a journey ... to the past.

G    -    F#             G        A      G
Somewhere down this road

G    F#      G  -   A         B - A
I know someone's waiting

B           A        B       ^C      B     ^C    ^D
Years of dreams just can't be wrong!

G          F#    G-A     G
Arms will open wide.

G    F#   G     A      B - A
I'll be safe and wanted

B - A          B       ^C      B  ^C-^D
Finally home where I belong.

^D     ^D - ^C    ^D   ^E   ^D-^C   ^D
Well, starting now, I'm learning fast

^D ^C    ^D-^E   G    A   ^D
On this journey to the past..

^D           G         A - B
Home, Love, Family.

B            ^C    ^D   G   G
There was once a time

G   G       A         B      G        A
I must have had them, too.

B                 E      F# - G#
Home, Love, Family,

G#  A   B-E   E      E  -  E
I will never be complete

F#-G#  E  G#  B
Until I find you...

G        F#    G  A  G
One step at a time,

G           F#       G     A-B-A
One hope, then another,

B              A            B       ^C      B     ^C   ^D
Who knows where this road may go!

G        F#    G  A  G
Back to who I was,

G     F#   G    A    B - A
On to find my future.

B              A        B     ^C       B       ^C   ^D
Things my heart still needs to know!

^D  ^D  ^C ^D ^E ^D
Yes, let this be a sign!

^D  ^C   ^D   ^E   ^D
Let this road be mine!

^D ^C ^D ^E   G   A   ^D
Let it lead me to my past

^E      ^D    ^C    ^D
And bring me home...

E-G ^D
At last!

The song serves as a pivotal moment in the film as Anastasia sets out on a journey to discover her true identity and reclaim her past. "Journey to the Past" was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song and it has since become a beloved classic, with Callaway and other artists recording cover versions of the song.

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