April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Let It Be - The Beatles

"Let It Be" is a classic song by the Beatles, released in 1970 as the title track of their album "Let It Be." It was written by Paul McCartney and features his lead vocals, along with a gospel-inspired choir and orchestral arrangements.

G         G     G     G-A
When I find myself

E       G     G  ^C-^D
In times of trouble

^E-^E   ^E-^D   ^D  ^C  ^C
Mother Mary comes to me

^E - ^E         ^F   ^E   ^E-^D
Speaking words of wisdom

^E ^D ^D-^C
Let it be...

G      G   G       A   ^C    A - G
And in my hour of darkness

^C  ^D  ^E-^E
She is standing

^E   ^D   ^D  ^C ^C
Right in front of me

^E - ^E      ^F     ^E    ^E-^D
Speaking words of wisdom

^E ^D ^D-^C
Let it be...

^E ^D ^C
Let it be,

^E ^G ^A
Let it be,

^G ^E ^C
Let it be,

A  G ^E
Let it be

^E - ^E        ^F   ^E    ^E-^D
Whisper words of wisdom

^E ^D ^D-^C
Let  it  be...

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The song has become a cultural icon, often played at significant events and included in lists of the greatest songs of all time.

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