April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Lord of the Dance - Traditional

Lord of the Dance is an Irish musical and dance production that was created, choreographed, and produced by Irish-American dancer Michael Flatley, who also took a starring role.

D G          G  A    B  -  A
I danced in the morning

B         ^C  ^D    ^D   ^D-B
When the world was begun,

B      A A           A  A    A
And I danced in the moon

B     ^C     B       A     G    F#
And the stars and the sun,

D     D G        G       A        B -  A
And I came down from heaven

B    ^C  ^D     ^D  ^D   B
And I danced on the earth,

B   A - A - B
At Bethlehem

B  A G   F#  G
I had my birth.

^D        B        A-B-^C      B      A     G
Dance then, wherever you may be,

B B  ^C    ^D   ^C   B   A           A     A
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he,

D      D   G     G     G    A-B-A      B    ^C       D
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,

^C    B    A      A    B   B   A   G          F#    G
And I'll lead you all in the Dance, said he.

The music for the show was written by Ronan Hardiman.

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