April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: On This Night of a Thousand Stars - Evita

"On This Night of a Thousand Stars" is a song from the 1976 musical "Evita" by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The song features a grand and dramatic melody, with lyrics that describe a lavish party attended by the high society of Argentina.

B     ^C    ^D    B   G      B  -  A    ^C
On this night of a thousand stars

F#     G      A     G    F#    E - D       D
Let me take you to heaven's door

B             ^C  ^D-B    G     B       A -^C
Where the music of love's guitars

F#        G     B - A - G
Plays for evermore

B   ^C   ^D    B      G         B  -  A       ^C
In the glow of those twinkling lights

F#      G        A          G        F#-E-D-D
We shall love through eternity

B     ^C    ^D    B   G    B - A    ^C
On this night in a million nights

F#   G - B    A     G
Fly away with me!

^G ^G-^G  ^G  ^F# ^F# ^F#
I never dreamed that a kiss

^E      ^E   ^E   ^E    ^D  ^D
Could be as sweet as this

G        G   G     G     F#   B    A
But now I know that it can

^E ^E ^E ^E-^D ^D-^D
I used to wander alone

G  -  A      B    C    C    C     C
Without a love of my own

C  C   D     C   -   B       B
I was a desperate man...

^G ^G ^G  ^G  ^F#-^F#-^F#
But all my grief disappeared

^E   ^E  ^E  ^E-^D  ^D  ^D
And all the sorrow I'd feared

^D-^D    ^D   ^C-^D-^E ~ G-^D#
Wasn't there anymore   ~

^E  ^E  ^E-^D-^D  ^G
On that magical day

G             A     ^C      B    ^C   ^D
When you first came my way

F#   A-G
Mi amor!

B       C     ^D
On this night...

B       C     ^D
On this night...

B     ^C    ^D    B   G     B  -  A     ^C
On this night of a thousand stars

F#    G     A     G     F#     E - D       D
Let me take you to heaven's door

B           ^C   ^D-B    G      B       A-^C
Where the music of love's guitars

^D   ^D  ^E-^F#-^G
Plays for evermore!

The song is performed by the character Magaldi, a tango singer who becomes Eva Peron's lover and helps her rise to fame and power. The song has been performed by many actors in various productions of "Evita", and has become a well-known and beloved part of the musical's score. The song's lush orchestration and soaring vocals make it a powerful and unforgettable moment in the show, and have helped to cement its status as a classic of musical theatre.

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