April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty (Disney)

"Once Upon a Dream" is a classic Disney song from the 1959 animated film "Sleeping Beauty". The song was composed by Sammy Fain and Jack Lawrence, with lyrics by Winston Hibler and Ted Sears.

F      E      F
I know you

D       E         F       D       E      G-A   F#    G
I walked with you once upon a dream

^C   B    Bb
I know you

G        Bb     A     G    ^D  ^C  Bb  A-A-G  F#  G
That look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam

D      E      F      E     F
And I know it's true

D          E - F      F#    G-D      A     D    Bb
That visions are seldom all they seem

B  ^D ^C   F   ^D
But if I know you

^C ^D     Bb      G     ^E
I know what you'll do

^D        ^F   ^E  ^D  ^C
You'll love me at once

^C     ^E   ^D  ^C   Bb   ^D-F   E    F
The way you did once upon a dream

The song is performed by the characters of Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty) and Prince Phillip, and describes their shared dream-like romantic journey. The song's romantic and dreamy melody, along with its timeless lyrics, has made it a beloved and iconic part of Disney's musical legacy. The song has been covered and interpreted by many artists in various styles, and remains a popular and memorable part of the Disney canon.

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