April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Prince Ali - Aladdin (Disney)

"Prince Ali" is a song from the 1992 Disney animated film "Aladdin". The song was composed by Alan Menken, with lyrics written by Howard Ashman, and is performed by the character of the same name, Prince Ali, voiced by actor Robin Williams.

^D       ^A   ^D      ^E   ^D-^A
Make way for Prince Ali!

^D   ^A   ^D      ^E   ^F-^D
Say hey! It's Prince Ali!

D            A        A      D   A    A    D    A-Bb
Hey! Clear the way in the old Bazaar

A        .A       E    E        .A
Hey you! Let us through!

E     E     .A        E        F
It's a bright new star!

E         D
Oh Come!

A      A     D     A     A        D
Be the first on your block

A     Bb     A     G
To meet his eye!

F              E           B     B       E

Make way!  Here he comes!

B            E          B       B        E
Ring bells! Bang the drums!

E         A      A-A       B    ^C  ^C#
Are you gonna love this guy!

A       A-^A   ^G-^A-^G   ^F
Prince Ali! Fabulous he!

^E-^F   ^E-^D-A
Ali      Ababwa!

G#-A-^D      ^C      ^D    ^C-Bb
Genuflect, show some respect

A          Bb     A      G
Down on one knee!

Bb      Bb    Bb      A    Bb    A       F
Now, try your best to stay calm

^D      ^D   ^D   ^C-^D   ^C-Bb
Brush up your sunday salaam

^F         ^F      ^F     ^E   ^F
Then come and meet his

^E-^F-^E-^F   ^D#-^E-^A
Spectacular    coterie.....

A       A-^A   ^G-^A  ^G  ^F
Prince  Ali!  Mighty  is  he

^E-^F  ^E-^D-A
Ali    Ababwa!

G#        A  ^D  ^C-^D-^C  Bb
Strong as ten regular men,


Bb     Bb     Bb   A-Bb-A        F
He faced the galloping hordes

^D  ^D-^D  ^C   ^D    ^C       Bb
A hundred bad guys with swords

^F        ^F      ^F        ^E    ^F    ^E    ^A
Who sent those goons to their lords?

A            ^F    ^C#-^D
Why, Prince Ali!

^C#  ^D  ^E-^F-^D#-^D
He's  got  seventy-five

^E-^F   ^D-A
Golden camels

^C#-^D   ^E-^D
Purple peacocks?

^C#  ^D  ^E-^D-^F
He's got fifty-three!

^C#  ^D   ^E    ^D  ^C#-^D-^E   ^F  ^D-A
When it comes to exotic type mammals

^D   ^D  Bb Bb  Bb     ^D  Bb-Bb   Bb
Has  he  got  a  zoo?   I'm  telling  you

^D ^D   ^E - ^E      ^E-^D#-^E-^A
It's  a world-class  menagerie!

A    A-^Bb
Prince Ali!

^G#-^Bb ^G# ^F#
Handsome is he,

^F-^F# ^F-^D#-Bb
Ali Ababwa

A         Bb-^D#    ^C# ^D# ^C# B
That physique! How can I speak

Bb       B    Bb    G#
Weak at the knee!

B           B    B   Bb   B   Bb       F#
Well, get on out in that square

^D#-^D# ^D# ^C# ^D# ^C#-B
Adjust your veil and prepare

^F# ^F# ^F# ^F-^F# ^F ^Bb
To gawk and grovel and stare

Bb ^F# ^D-^D#
At Prince Ali!

^D   ^D# ^F-^D#-^D
He's got ninety-five

^D#    ^F-^F#   ^D#-Bb
White Persian monkeys

^D  ^D#  ^F  ^D# ^D ^D#-^F ^D# ^F#
And to view them he charges no fee

^D ^D#    ^F    ^D#  ^D  ^D#-^F  ^F#  ^D#-Bb
He's got slaves, he's got servants and flunkies

^F#   ^F   ^F#  ^F  ^D#
Proud to work for him

^D#  B   B       B        ^D#     B-B      B
Bow to his whim, love serving him

^D#     ^D#  ^F-^F   ^F   ^E-^F-^F#
They're just lousy with loyalty...

^D# ^F-^A  A   Bb-^Bb
To Ali! Prince Ali!

Bb      B-^B
Prince Ali!

^A-^B-^A  ^G
Amorous he!

^F#-G   ^F#-^E-B
Ali Ababwa

Bb            B       ^E-^D   ^E  ^D  ^C
Heard your princess was a sight

B-^C     B    A
Lovely to see!

^C     ^C      ^C     B-^C   B    G
And that, good people is why

^E  ^E     ^E     ^D  ^E       ^D      ^C
He got dolled up and dropped by...

^G   ^G-^G   ^F#-^G-^F#
With sixty elephants,

^G-^G   ^G-F#
Llamas galore!

B           B    ^G   ^G   ^F#-^G
With his bears and lions

^F#  ^G   ^G   ^G   ^F#
A brass band and more

B        B   ^E-^E   ^E-^F#
With his forty fakirs,

^G    ^E     ^E    ^E-^G
His cooks, his bakers

^G    ^E     ^E    ^E-^F#  ^G     ^Bb
His birds that warble on key...

^G       ^B     B      *C    ^B-Bb-*D#
Make way for Prince Ali!     ~

The song is a grand, upbeat musical number that serves as Ali's introduction to the people of Agrabah, as he parades through the city with his retinue of servants, animals, and exotic goods. "Prince Ali" is known for its catchy melody, lively rhythm, and clever lyrics that poke fun at Ali's grandiose claims and over-the-top persona. The song has since become one of the most popular and memorable moments in the film, and has been covered and parodied in numerous other media.

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