April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Sleeping Satellite - Tasmin Archer

"Sleeping Satellite" is a song by British singer-songwriter Tasmin Archer, released in 1992.

E      B       A     G     G     G - A      A
I blame you for the moonlit sky

E         E         G         A       A       E       E     G - A       B
And the dream that died with the eagles' flight

E     B        A     G     G      G - A        A
I blame you for the moonlit nights

E          E    G - A       A      E     E      G       A     B
When I wonder why are the seas still dry?

E              B          A      G - G      G-G-D
Don't blame this sleeping satellite...

A      A    G   A    G       A        A      A
Did we fly to the moon too soon

A       A      G  -  A       G         A        A    G     A     A    G     A
Did we squander the chance in the rush of the race

G       A - A     G       A       A   A    A   B-A-G
The reason we chase is lost in romance

A      ^C  ^D    B-A-G
And still we  try  ~

A   A-G-A    A      A
To justify the waste

A    G     A     A    G-A   ^D-^C  ^C-B-A-G-A
For a taste of man's greatest adventure...

The song was written by Archer and John Beck and features a melodic pop-rock sound with guitar and keyboard riffs. The song's lyrics reflect on the state of the world and the human condition, with the metaphor of a "sleeping satellite" representing humanity's potential to explore and change the world. "Sleeping Satellite" was a commercial success, reaching the top of the charts in several countries, including the United Kingdom, and earning Archer several awards and nominations. The song has since become a cult classic and a staple of 90s pop music.

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