April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Somethin' Stupid - Frank Sinatra

"Somethin' Stupid" is a classic duet sung by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra, released in 1967.

D    E    E      E      E    F#
I know I stand in line

F#-F#   F#   G       G     G       G      G
Until you think you have the time

F#     E        D   E  -   E    G      F#
To spend an evening with me

E   -   D    G      F#
D      E  E   E    E   -  F#     F#-F#
And if we go someplace to dance

F#  G     G      G         G    G
I know that there's a chance

F#    E        D   E  -   E    G      F#
You won't be leaving with me...

(E   -   D    G      F#)
D      G - G - G     G    A      A-A
And afterwards we drop into

A  B - B  B-B     ^D    ^C      B    G    A      B   A
A quiet little place and have a drink or two

D       G     G   G    E     F#  F#  F#
And then I go and spoil it all

E      G - G       G  -  E        F# - E
By saying something stupid

F#     B     A     G
Like "I love you"

D  D    G  G  G   G     G
I can see it in your eyes

A          A      A - B      B       B       B    ^D
That you despise the same old line

^C        B        G      A       B - A
You heard the night before...

D          G          G    G    E   F#  F#  F#
And though it's just a line to you,

E    G   G     G
For me it's true

E        G - E         G       ^C      B      A - A
And never seemed so right before...

D     E - E    E - E   F#   F#  F#     F#     G - G      G     G   A
I practice every day to find some clever lines to say

F#     E       D        E -  E         G            F#
To make the meaning come through

D       E      E     E      E    F#    F#-F#
But then I think I'll wait until

F#       G - G       G      G     F#     E    D-E     G      F#
The evening gets late and I'm alone with you...

D        G     G     G         G       A  -  A      A     A     B
The time is right, your perfume fills my head

B        B        B     ^D  ^C     B     G         A        B     A
The stars get red and, oh, the night's so blue

D          G   G  G    E     F#   F# F#
And then I go and spoil it all

E      G - G       G  -  E        F# - E
By saying something stupid

F#     B    A     G
Like "I love you!"

The song's simple melody and playful lyrics tell the story of a couple falling in love and taking a chance on something that might not be the best idea. Frank and Nancy's vocals blend together seamlessly, creating a charming and lighthearted sound that perfectly captures the song's carefree spirit. "Somethin' Stupid" became a chart-topping hit in both the US and the UK, solidifying Frank Sinatra's place as a legendary crooner and launching Nancy's successful music career.

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