April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

"Unfinished Sympathy" is a song by British trip-hop group Massive Attack, released in 1991 as a single from their debut album "Blue Lines".

E     G       E       G      A        B     A     A     A-GE
I know that I've been mad in love before

E          G     E     G      B      A     A-B
And how it could be with you

B - B      B      A     G-A     B-B      B      A    G-A
Really hurt me baby, really hurt me baby

B           B       B    B    B      A - G    A   A-G-E
How can have a day without a night?

G              E       G        E   G     A      B-AB
You're the book that I have opened

E          E       E      E     E     ^E      ^E       ^E-^D^-E-^G
And now I've got to know much more      ~

E        E    G     G - A     A     E
Like a soul without a mind

E  E   G-G    G - A    A     E
In a body without a heart

E       G - G      A-A       E
I'm missing every part....

The song is notable for its distinctive string arrangement, featuring a sample from the song "Planetary Citizen" by jazz musician Mahavishnu Orchestra. The track also features the powerful and soulful vocals of British singer Shara Nelson. "Unfinished Sympathy" is considered a classic of the trip-hop genre, and has been widely praised for its emotional intensity and innovative production techniques.

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