April 13, 2023

Letter Notes Piano: Walking in the Air - The Snowman

"Walking in the Air" is a hauntingly beautiful song from the animated film "The Snowman".

A          ^D-^D   ^C   ^C   A
We're walking in the air

A          ^D-^D   ^C  ^C     A - F     G
We're floating in the moonlit sky

G      Bb-Bb   A    A-G
The people far below

D        F - F       E   E    D
Are sleeping as we fly

A          ^D-^D    ^C-^C    A
We're holding very tight

A     ^D-^D  ^C  ^C     A - F        G
I'm riding in the midnight blue

G     Bb-Bb  A   A    G
I'm finding I can fly

D     F       F-E      E     D
So high above with you

^D  ^D - ^C   ^C     A
Far across the world

A    ^D-^D-^C  ^C   A   F    G
The villages go by like trees

G     Bb-Bb    A     A      G
The rivers and the hills

D       F-F      E      E       D
The forest and the streams

^C# - ^D      E     F-G      A
Children gaze open mouthed

B - ^C   ^D    B - G
Taken by surprise

D#-F-G      A      Bb-^C
Nobody down below

A - ^D       ^C#     A
Believes their eyes

A         ^D-^D   ^C    ^C    A
We're surfing in the air

A            ^D - ^D     ^C   ^C     A-F     G
We're swimming in the frozen sky

G           Bb-Bb    A-A    G-D
We're drifting over icy

F  -  F              E - E      D
Mountains floating by

^C#-D-E       F - G         A
Suddenly swooping low

B     ^C   ^D-B     G
On an ocean deep

D#-F    G  G   A-Bb
Rising of a mighty

^C  -  A      ^D    ^C#    A
Monster from its sleep

A          ^D - ^D   ^C  ^C    A
We're walking in the air

A          ^D - ^D   ^C  ^C     A - F     G
We're floating in the moonlit sky

G      Bb-Bb   A    A-G
The people far below

D        F - F     E   E   D
Are sleeping as we fly

The song was composed by Howard Blake and is performed by a boy soprano during a scene in which the boy and the snowman fly through the air. The lyrics describe the sense of freedom and wonder that comes with flying, and the melody is both soaring and wistful. "Walking in the Air" has become a beloved Christmas classic and is often played during the holiday season.

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